TFP 85: Air Raid Mesh Concept from the Spread Bunch Formation

The Air Raid Mesh Concept is THE concept the Air Raid is known for.

And teams KNOW they must stop the concept.

So how do we make sure that the Air Raid Mesh Concept will work if the defense knows it is coming?

By using the Spread Bunch Formation.


…the Spread Bunch Formation causes defensive confusion because defensive coordinators don’t know how to defend it.

Do they press the point man? Do they play straight man to man? Do they BANGO coverage the Bunch?

Then the defensive players don’t know how to react when faced against the BEST concept in the world…the Air Raid Mesh.

Want to learn how to run the Air Raid Mesh from the Spread Bunch Formation?

Then you need to listen to today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to run the Air Raid Mesh Return
  • What’s the best TAGS for Air Raid Mesh
  • Why you need to work on releases from Bunch
  • What’s the QBs thought process in Air Raid Mesh
  • How MOST defenses will attack the Air Raid Mesh

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