TFP 82: Stacking Wide Receivers in the Spread Offense

We’ve all seen that crazy Stacked Wide Receiver Formation…

…the formation that makes us sit back and go “Man, that’s amazing. I’m doing that this year.”

But we don’t know what to do out of the formation.

Do we run the ball?

Pass it?

Hold the ball until we get a flag?

On today’s Talking Football with Coach McKie podcast, I talk about the BEST ways to use the Stacked Wide Receiver Formation.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why defenses STRUGGLE with the Stack Formation
  • How Stacking Wide Receivers makes things easy for your quarterback
  • The BEST PLAY to run in the Stack Wide Receiver formation
  • How to ‘trick’ defenses in the stack formation + Pin and Pull RPO

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