TFP 117: How Madden Creates Player Ratings with Dustin Smith

Can you tell I love the Madden Football series?

It’s always been apart of my life. It helped me find friends when I moved during my junior year in high school. It helped me make money while I was in college. And it’s allowed me to form life long friendships with other people half way across the world with their online play.

So I jumped at the chance to interview Dustin Smith – the man who creates the Madden Rankings for EVERY PLAYER IN THE GAME – when the oppurtunity arose.

And let me tell you…

…this interview was AMAZING.

Dustin Smith gives us a behind the scenes look at Madden on this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How player ratings a created
  • Dustin Smith’s INCREDIBLE journey to get where he’s at now
  • How 2004 Mike Vick set a precedent for future player ratings
  • What Dustin Smith has to do in order to get the player ratings right

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