TFP 114: Getting Your PH.D in Y-Cross with Mark Yanule

What’s the most DANGEROUS drop back passing concept in the Air Raid Offense?

If you said Y-Cross then give yourself a HUGE round of applause.


Because the Air Raid Y-Cross concept is one of the MOST USED concepts in all of football.

And for good reason.

It’s got it all:

  • A vertical threat
  • A ‘hot’ bail out
  • A deep crossing route with adjustments
  • A punishing backside concept that FORCES defenses to defend it

And in today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach Mckie, we are getting our PH.D in the Y-Cross…

….and who’s schooling us?

The GREAT Coach Mark Yanule!

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why ever offense NEEDS the Y-Cross concept
  • What the BASE way to run the Y-Cross concept is
  • How this one ‘Tag’ DESTROYS 2-Read Coverage
  • Why you need to use THIS TAG when on the goal line
  • How keeping it simple WORKS for your Quarterback

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