TFP 109: Air Raid Offensive Series: Push Motion + Air Raid Quick Game

The Wing-T is the world’s worst offense.

Nothing but foot to foot splits…

…running into a loaded box…

…and coaches wearing tight shorts while screaming “Run da ball!!!!”


…the ONE THING Wing-T offenses have going for them is their play calling.

The ‘If/Then’ play calling style is something that a lot of coaches WISH the Air Raid Offense had.

Well, now it does.

Throughout this week, I will be taking you through an Air Raid Offensive Series using Push Motion.

And you will come to understand HOW the Air Raid Coaches call their plays.

This episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie focuses on Push Motion and the Air Raid Quick Game.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why you need to use Push Motion
  • What to look for when using Push Motion
  • How to run the Air Raid Y-Stick Concept with Push Motion
  • When you need to call the Fade/Out Concept
  • What the reads are for your quarterback

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