TFP 101 – How to ‘Find Grass’ in the Air Raid Offense

The Spread Air Raid Offense is all about ‘finding grass, taking grass’.

Meaning…your players will sit in open ‘space’ or windows when they find them.

This way your players are ALWAYS open.

But what happens when your players don’t know how to sit in open windows?

Or don’t know what ‘open grass’ is?

Then your offense can stall…

…you won’t score points…

…and you will have to ‘take the L’.

But we are going to fix that. Because we have drills you MUST RUN ever single day to get better at finding grass.

And that’s what we talk about on today’s episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • The Number 1 drills you must run at the beginning of every practice
  • How to drill the Mesh concept with this simple trash can drill
  • Why you need to TEACH your players who to look for on the Snag concept
  • How to get every player involved with a drill
  • Simple was to modify a drill to perfect technique

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