TFP 053: How to Create an Explosive Offense with Coach Dub Maddox

We all love passing the ball.

We love watching defensive coordinators and players get frustrated when they can’t stop our passing attack. We laugh at them when they throw their hands up in frustration when our quarterbacks are picking them apart. We point and ridicule them when they throw up their hands and storm off the field.

But what if I told you that there is a way to piss them off so bad that they will forfeit the game because they know they can’t stop your passing attack?

Would that interest you?

Of course it would.

Well, today’s guest on the Talking Football with Coach McKie podcast has a system that can turn your ordinary passing attack into a souped up, turbo-charged passing attack.

Who’s that guest? The great Coach Dub Maddox

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • How being a head coach is different than being a coordinator
  • What having a ‘Team Lanague’ can speed up player development
  • How the R4 creates a language for you and your players
  • Why Coach Maddox loves the Mesh
  • Why Coach Maddox wrote his new book
  • What kind of defense gives Coach Maddox the most problems

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