Offensive Line Drills | QC Episode 220

Get the best Offensive Line Drills so you get the best performance out of your Offensive Linemen. Your practice time is too limited to run hundreds of different drills. What drills should actually run?

Over the past couple years, since turning to the 90 Minute Practice Plan, I’ve had to really examine just which Offensive Line drills were worth what little practice time we had to work. Continue reading “Offensive Line Drills | QC Episode 220”

Coaching Long Stick Technique for Zone Blitz | QC Episode 217

Long Stick Technique is used by Defensive Ends in zone blitzes like the America’s Fire Zone. Find out how to coach it. 

If you want to run zone blitzes, you need to commit the time to execute. America’s Fire Zone is a great zone blitz, one of the most popular overloads you can run. But you can get yourself in trouble in a hurry. Continue reading “Coaching Long Stick Technique for Zone Blitz | QC Episode 217”

Quarterbacks in the Run Game | QC Episode 214

What do you do when you’ve got a dangerous running Quarterback, but your offense isn’t geared to him? You adjust. 

Any Offensive System that is worth its salt is able to utilize the best athletes on the field. If that’s not the case, you don’t have a System. Because you’re going to have to completely change the offense for a special athlete one day. Continue reading “Quarterbacks in the Run Game | QC Episode 214”

How Long to Get Ready for the Season? | QC Episode 211

No one knows when or if the 2020 High School Football Season will start. But we need to be prepared. 

I’ve heard this question a lot – so today’s episode is not a response to one particular question. It’s a response to a lot of questions from a lot of places, and related to the pandemic that is affecting all of our lives right now.  Continue reading “How Long to Get Ready for the Season? | QC Episode 211”