PSSO S5E3: How To Run The Inside Zone

Do you want to run the Inside Zone Run Play? Here’s how you can block it better.

This week’s podcast is all about the Inside Zone. In it I share my story about how I first had no clue running it and how much I have learned since then. That one season we ran one run play, the Inside Zone and even though, we barely knew how to coach it, we still went 5-4 and qualified for the Illinois High School Football Playoffs.

I also have a special guest presenter, Cody Wilson, who shares how to number off players when blocking the Inside Zone and then gives an example of how to block it against a 3-4 front.

If you want to learn more about the Inside Zone, check out this page here where you can watch this episode and also find out more about the brand new Inside Zone Course that we have just published.