PSSO S4E8 Breaking Down Frost’s UCF Offense And What Makes It Awesome!

What you can learn from Frost’s UCF Offense.  Get RPO tricks, the “Spacing” concept and “Shakes” route from these 5 plays broken down.

UCF under Scott Frost had one of the most prolific offenses of Division I football last season. So I decided to crack it open with an analysis of his first five plays of the AAC championship game against Memphis. In these first five plays I talk about the Spacing Route and why the progression starts from the sideline, the “shakes” route and progression, a simple RPO pre-snap read and why the QB gives it instead of keeping or throwing the bubble screen.

There’s always a lot you can learn from breaking down an offense, especially when you get the All-22 film with sideline and end zone camera angles. It just takes a long time to do it! So here’s a little taste of an upcoming new breakdown we have of every single offensive play from the game.

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