PSSO S4E6 Basics of Cover 3 and How To Attack It

What are the basics of Cover 3? How should you attack it’s weaknesses?

This episode marks the third episode of our spread offense passing series where am breaking down different coverages and their individual strengths and weaknesses. This week is Cover 3 which is one of the easiest coverages to run but unless you really know what your doing, it’s also the easiest in my opinion to beat with the pass.

I love attacking Cover 3 because my absolute favorite pass concepts are perfect for it. You can’t miss the opportunity to run All-Verts against it as well as the standard Curl Route which are both solid Air Raid Concepts. Much of your quick game is also going to be good against it because of the soft coverage of the corners in the flats and the openings in the seams. If you see a team running true Cover 3 get excited because there are some golden opportunities in the passing game!

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