PSSO S4E4 How to beat Cover 1 Man Free

How to beat Cover 1 Man Free. How to know the weaknesses to attack and strengths to avoid.

This episode marks the first episode of a series where I will be breaking down different coverages and their individual strengths and weaknesses. This week is Cover 1 or Man Free. It’s really a simple coverage that a lot of teams run when they want to bring pressure with 5 or 6 defenders.

I’ve also seen coaches run it when they have a tremendous athlete that they let roam in the Free Safety spot who can play run or pass and cause all sorts of trouble if you don’t have answers. By identifying the techniques and rules of this coverage you can find out which plays will work best against it. I suggest a number of pass plays that I have found successful that include Y Stick, Y Mesh, Shallow Cross and All Verts.