PSSO S4E24: Your Questions: Air Raid Run Game, Coaching in College and Shotgun or Under Center Snaps

What kind of run game philosophy is used with the Air Raid? How can I learn what I need to know to coach in college football? Is your offense suited for shotgun snaps and what kind of Quarterback will it work for?

This week’s podcast is about questions I’ve received from coaches who have visited the website.

First off is one about what kind of Quarterback is needed to run the Pro Style Spread Offense?

I love this question because I categorize your Quarterback skill into three categories.

First, you have the Pocket Passer. He can throw the daylights out of the ball, but can’t run worth a crap.

Second you have the dual threat Quarterback. This is every Coach’s dream athlete who can run and throw…though many of them are more runners and just get by with enough arm to call themselves dual threat.

Lastly you have the Handoff Kings (for lack of a better name). These guys can take a snap but you don’t really want them throwing the ball or running it any more than you have too!

There is a place for each of these kinds of Quarterbacks in the Pro Style Spread Offense, because it’s not about the plays, it’s all about the formations you use to fit your personnel.

I also will tell you how Peyton Manning supports my belief in the shotgun snap being the preferred vs the under center snap and his proof of a bad weather Super Bowl win is a great example.

I also discuss the latest Washington State Mike Leach offense as it attempted to handle some pretty terrible snow and wind.

So Check out this episode to see exactly what I’m talking about and more.