PSSO S4E23: 3 Ways You Should Be Looking To Attack The Defense

How to attack a defense based on angles, numbers and personnel.  What to do when teams want to pressure you and go straight man and load the box.

This week’s podcast is about the three things you need to consider when you are looking for weaknesses to attack a defense.  Starting off with the rationale for should you run or should you pass based on numbers shown in the box. We will cover the possibilities against 5, 6, or 7 in the box.

When attacking with angles, I love gap schemes. If you still cannot attack with angles, think about this strategy with formations to help get better angles of attack.

Lastly with personnel matchups, I talk about remembering to watch for these in film though this may be tough to see.  On game day you may have an easier time where they can often be easier to see but not on the front of your mind as a play caller.  

Check out this episode to see exactly what I’m talking about.