PSSO S4E22 Two Stories: Why you need 2 Plays and what happens when your running QB goes down?

Series based football is the answer to defenses that want to cheat. What I learned the hard way about core offensive plays.

This week’s podcast is all about a lot of mistakes I made in the past trying to figure out an offensive system that would work with the players I had. And I have a few good ones, just not too many.

If you’ve ever struggled with how to protect your best player from defenses completely keying on him every single play then you will like hearing this solution that helps you maximize your offensive players skills, even when they aren’t getting the ball.

The second part of the podcast I talk about why and how you need to install your core offensive plays so if someone goes down, your entire season isn’t over. In fact…I’ve even had some seasons where we’ve gone to backups and then when we got our guy back we were even stronger than before because we now had depth and options.

Check out this episode to see exactly what I’m talking about.