PSSO S4E21: 2 Simple Plays to Stretch the Defense and Score Fast

These 2 Bubble Based Offensive Plays Will Give You Both Yards And Scores

This week’s podcast is about a simple system of training a defense to see and react to one thing and then once they do, catching them off guard with another thing.

Ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? You know the story where he feeds the dog food every time he rings a bell? Soon enough whenever he rings that bell, Pavlov’s dog starts salivating even before the food is brought out.

These two plays do the same thing. Get defenses to think they know what’s coming until it’s too late.

And even after they see it, they now know it might now be true so the get a whole lot less aggressive on the first play and you can make them pick their poison.

Check out this episode to see exactly what I’m talking about.