PSSO S4E18 WR Drills: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some drills are just not worth your time of day. Use two simple criteria to tell if your drill is quality or not.

This week’s podcast is about my review of some of today’s most popular Wide Receiver Drills.

So if you’re a coach who like to have players straddling poles to catch it with their hands or sprinting with towels on their heads…

…listen in, because today’s episode is going to break down some options that will take your drills from ugly to great!

Seriously though, there’s two simple criteria you need to apply to any drill to make sure it will be a good one.

Sadly, we too often go back to running the drills we did back in the good old days just because we think it worked then, it should work now.

And if your still running the same drills at this point in the season in the same order with everything else the same it’s about time you mix it up please!

For the sake of your kids, there’s no way they are still giving maximum effort.

Not if they have become accustomed to the drill and it doesn’t take any thinking anymore.

Get them to focus on a new aspect of the technique you are teaching them.

And Never stop learning.