PSSO S4E11 Putting Together Your First Days Practice Scripts

A live chat about setting up your first day’s practice scripts for your Spread Offense, Pro Style Offense, Triple Option Offense or Wing T offense.

This week’s podcast we jump into a quick strategy session where we set up a practice script live for the first day of practice. Once you get those plays in your spreadsheet you can easily create multiple scripts like Inside Run and Team Offense.

If you haven’t been much of a practice script writer, make this the season you start. Even if you just start with a team offense period script. It’s a great practice as a coach to get your mind thinking about how you want to string plays together. It’s one thing to look at a defense and say this or that will work but it’s another to set up a sequence of calls that controls a defense or sets up future plays to be highly effective based on what teams have seen from you before.

Play calling is an artform as much as it is a science and practicing it when your mind is calm will only help you more when you have to do it under pressure.

Get started early with these offensive game planning strategies and also download our free football call sheet, practice scripts and arm band templates.

P.S. Want to grab a free offensive playbook? Go here to get a downloadable .pdf