PSSO S4E01 Why you need constraints and when to run them with your Bubble Screen Package

Why you need constraints with your Bubble Screen Package. How to know which defensive looks you should never be throwing a Bubble Screen against.

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Every good spread offense has a screen package that gets the ball outside, but few teams really maximize the potential of this screen package with the right constraints. You need to have something to throw if the Linebackers cheat and something to throw if the Safeties or Corners cheat. When you do, then you score fast and also teach defenses not to cheat, which only makes your screen package better.

There are also certain defensive looks that coaches should not be trying to throw bubble screens into. I’ll explain which looks these are and the adjustment you can make to get a better look to throw the bubble screen even when the defense tries to take it away. When you get this right your playcalling becomes a non-issue because it’s simple to make the right call every time.