CLP Episode 1 – My Introduction: 7 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Coach

Introduction to the The Coaches’ Locker Podcast.  Get to know Coach Fore as he takes you through a brief journey of his nearly 2 decades in the coaching business.

Coach Fore launches The Coaches’ Locker Podcast! In his first episode, Fore walks you through each of his stops, and more importantly shares one lesson that he learned from each of the seven schools he has worked at.   He also shares his vision for this podcast by breaking down what the focus of it will be, and shares about some of his first guests Continue reading “CLP Episode 1 – My Introduction: 7 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Coach”

FBCP S02E22 Defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage

What’s the Secret to Defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense? It’s not really a secret.

Season 2 of The Football Coaching Podcast wraps up with defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense and Quarters Coverage. We’re using the defense as drawn up in The 4-3 Defense System that is part of JDFB Insiders.

Quarters Coverage offers some special flexibility that you might not have in other coverages and with other packages. The true nature of the 7 man front and 2 high safeties might be your best answer for defending RPOs. Continue reading “FBCP S02E22 Defending RPOs with the 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage”

QC 118 Three Questions on the 4-2-5 Defense

How do you defend Unbalanced Formations? What coverage do you run in 7 on 7? Can I change my defense?

Time to get caught up on some mailbag questions. None of the questions for today was long enough for its own episode. But every one is important.

Today’s mailbag questions involve defending unbalanced formations into the boundary, 7 on 7 coverages, and when to change your defense!

Continue reading “QC 118 Three Questions on the 4-2-5 Defense”

TFP 052: Transforming Your Spread Offense Into a Power Run Offense with Coach Brett Dudley

Are you wanting to get rid of the passing game? Do you have nothing but STUDS at the running back position? Want to make defenses drop to their knees and beg for mercy?

Then you will love this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie. Because we are talking with Coach Brett Dudley on 21 personnel, power running scheme.

If you want to run the ball well then this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Continue reading “TFP 052: Transforming Your Spread Offense Into a Power Run Offense with Coach Brett Dudley”

FBCP S02E21 Running RPOs In Your Current Offensive Playbook

You don’t have to create an entire RPO Playbook. It’s easy to incorporate RPO’s into the offensive system you’re running right now.

Run-Pass Options (RPOs) are the hot topic for offensive football coaches across the country over the last few seasons. The schemes have made their way down from the College level down to the High School ranks in a hurry.

Many coaches have been abandoning what they’ve always done in favor of more modern, “exciting” offensive schemes. The purpose of this episode is to show that you do not need to do that. You can use your existing offensive playbook and add RPOs into the mix, without sacrificing all you’ve done in the past. Continue reading “FBCP S02E21 Running RPOs In Your Current Offensive Playbook”

QC 117 Play Calling for Youth Football Defense

How do you get your defensive play calls in for Youth Football? If your playbook is simple, it doesn’t take much.

At the youth level, it’s all about getting your players to enjoy the game and play with great fundamentals. Focus on that.

Scheme won’t win you nearly as many games as great execution will. That’s true at every level.

On this week’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic, I’ll answer an email question about how to make your play calls for Youth Football Defense. It comes down to one thing: Keep It Simple! Continue reading “QC 117 Play Calling for Youth Football Defense”

PSSO S4E02 How to Attack the 425 with Pistol I and Trips Formation

How should you attack the 425 Defense? Find out multiple strategies that work with Pistol I and Trips Formations

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The 425 is one of the hottest defenses out there right now. It’s simple, effective and keeps defenses in that 4 man front so many Defensive Coordinators love to show. But what’s the best way to attack it offensively? Every defense has a weakness. What is the 425’s? Continue reading “PSSO S4E02 How to Attack the 425 with Pistol I and Trips Formation”

FBCP S02E20 Coaching with Triggers

How do you Coach Simple so your players can Play Fast? Triggers are the answer to your problem.

Triggers are a stimulus, or event, that happens on the field that tell your player to initiate a response, or reaction. For every action on the field, there is a reaction by your player. (but this is not physics and we do not want the response to be equal!)

In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll be looking at triggers for every offensive and defensive position. Plus, how you can use triggers to simplify your teaching and get your players to react faster. Continue reading “FBCP S02E20 Coaching with Triggers”

QC 116 How to Develop Your JV Team

You’ve got to develop your JV Team to have continued success on Varsity. How do you make sure they’re getting better and having fun?

Junior Varsity coaches can be in a tough spot. You want to keep the enthusiasm of your players high. Make them love the game of football.

You also need to win games. And prioritize development of those players who are going to contribute to Varsity in the near future.

On this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic, we’ll look at the role of the JV Coach. And how to best accomplish those goals. Continue reading “QC 116 How to Develop Your JV Team”