FBCP S02E20 Coaching with Triggers

How do you Coach Simple so your players can Play Fast? Triggers are the answer to your problem.

Triggers are a stimulus, or event, that happens on the field that tell your player to initiate a response, or reaction. For every action on the field, there is a reaction by your player. (but this is not physics and we do not want the response to be equal!)

In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll be looking at triggers for every offensive and defensive position. Plus, how you can use triggers to simplify your teaching and get your players to react faster. Continue reading “FBCP S02E20 Coaching with Triggers”

QC 116 How to Develop Your JV Team

You’ve got to develop your JV Team to have continued success on Varsity. How do you make sure they’re getting better and having fun?

Junior Varsity coaches can be in a tough spot. You want to keep the enthusiasm of your players high. Make them love the game of football.

You also need to win games. And prioritize development of those players who are going to contribute to Varsity in the near future.

On this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic, we’ll look at the role of the JV Coach. And how to best accomplish those goals. Continue reading “QC 116 How to Develop Your JV Team”

TFP 050: MASTERING the Air Raid Offense with Coach Austin James Smith

Do you love the Air Raid offense? Do you want to know how fantastic the One Back Clinic is? Want to know what Coach Hal Mumme is doing at Jackson State to stay ahead of the curve?

Then this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie is for you. We are talking with Coach Austin James Smith, the quarterback coach of Jackson State and the director of the fantastic, life-changing One Back Clinic. Continue reading “TFP 050: MASTERING the Air Raid Offense with Coach Austin James Smith”

PSSO S4E01 Why you need constraints and when to run them with your Bubble Screen Package

Why you need constraints with your Bubble Screen Package. How to know which defensive looks you should never be throwing a Bubble Screen against.

FREE DOWNLOAD: 5 Steps to an Awesome Bubble Screen Package

Every good spread offense has a screen package that gets the ball outside, but few teams really maximize the potential of this screen package with the right constraints. You need to have something to throw if the Linebackers cheat and something to throw if the Safeties or Corners cheat. When you do, then you score fast and also teach defenses not to cheat, which only makes your screen package better. Continue reading “PSSO S4E01 Why you need constraints and when to run them with your Bubble Screen Package”

FBCP S02E19 Quarters Coverage in the 4-3 Defense

Coaching 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage gives you great pass coverage. Plus you get 9 defenders against the run!

I love coaching 4-3 Defense Quarters Coverage. It’s incredibly effective if you know how to teach and adjust the package. And if you have the right guys.

There’s a ton of advantages, but there are also a few difficulties you need to be aware of. We’ll discuss all of that on this week’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. Continue reading “FBCP S02E19 Quarters Coverage in the 4-3 Defense”

TFP 049: MASTERING the Five-Wide Run and Shoot Offense

The greatest play in football is the pass. Not the Power. Not the Inside Zone. Not the Option. It’s the freaking PASS.

So it was a blast talking to coach Zach Turner about the Five-Wide Run and Shoot Offense. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play in that style of offense? You get to adjust your routes on the fly, get to catch balls all practice, and get to frustrate defensive coordinators because they don’t know how you stop the MOST DOMINATE OFFENSE IN FOOTBALL! Continue reading “TFP 049: MASTERING the Five-Wide Run and Shoot Offense”

QC 115 Linebacker Reads in the 3-4 Defense

Who Should Your Inside Linebackers Read in the 3-4 Defense? Listen to this Episode to Find Out.

Linebacker Reads are the most popular topic on the Quick Clinic podcast. There’s lots of ways to do it, and none of them are the ‘right’ way.

This listener question focuses on Linebacker Reads in the 3-4 Defense. We’ll talk about the options, and why you might choose each one as your preferred method of getting your Linebacker to the point of attack, faster. Continue reading “QC 115 Linebacker Reads in the 3-4 Defense”

FBCP S02E18 Clemson’s 2013 Offensive Playbook

Clemson’s Spread Offense uses a Hurry Up, No Huddle approach. Don’t be fooled, there’s nothing fancy here..

The 2013 Clemson Offense playbook is available from Chris Brown’s SmartFootball.com through the link below. It’s a great look at the simplicity of many modern Hurry Up, No Huddle offenses.

The Clemson Offense was already introducing RPOs at that time, and showing the development of some of the more run-pass options we see today. It’s an interesting look at the Spread Offense during a time of critical development. Continue reading “FBCP S02E18 Clemson’s 2013 Offensive Playbook”

QC 114 Defending Unbalanced I-Twins in the 4-2-5 Defense

How do you defend Unbalanced Formations in your 4-2-5 Defense? This one will add a little more stress.

Today’s JDFB Quick Clinic question was sent to me on Twitter asking a specific question on defending Unbalanced I-Twins with the 4-2-5 Defense. So we’ve got to get out the mental whiteboard and draw it up!

We’ve run this formation as part of the Pistol Power Offense System in the past. Some teams fail to adjust as you’ve added two unbalanced elements to one formation. Continue reading “QC 114 Defending Unbalanced I-Twins in the 4-2-5 Defense”