5 Tips for Defending RPOs | Quick Clinic 228

How to Shut Down Run-Pass Option Plays

When they hit the football coaching scene a few years ago, defensive coordinators were scratching their heads defending RPOs. But while it’s a great tool for offenses to attack, run pass options are not as mystical as they may seem.

If you’ve got a good RPO team on your schedule this season, you don’t need to panic and change your whole defense. Follow the 5 tips for defending RPO’s in this podcast to shut ’em down.

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2-Read Coverage with Fred Hubert | FBCP S07E20

Winning a State Championship with the 4-2-5 Defense

Using a creative evolution in the coverage package leading to a modified 2-Read Coverage in his 4-2-5 Defense, Hollis-Brookline High School Defensive Coordinator Fred Hubert helped lead his team to a New Hampshire State Championship in 2019. Find out the keys to the team’s success and how this take the 2-Read Quarters Coverage package can work for your defense.

Coach Hubert is a client with JDFB Coaching Systems. While a lot of what he’s doing on defense looks the same, the coverage adjustment was a successful twist on the package. Probably one I’ll be stealing down the line.

Find out how this 2-Read Coverage adjustment can help your run defense, as well as your pass coverage. The Free Safety gets to operate as more of a linebacker and get more involved in the run game.

Photo by Stephen J. Pollard from Flickr.Com (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

2-Read Coverage Show Notes

  • What contributed most to the 2019 State Championship season
  • Why Coach Hubert and Hollis-Brookline went to the 4-2-5 Defense
  • The adjustment from Cover 1 to the 2-Read Coverage
  • How to run the 2-Read Coverage package and adjustments to formations
  • What the Hollis-Brookline staff looks at when game planning for next week’s opponent
  • In-game adjustments for the 2-Read coverage package

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Coaching Linebackers with ASKA | FBCP S07E18

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Defending a Running Quarterback | Quick Clinic 225

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But don’t worry. There is hope. Check out this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic for a few simple tips to prepare your defense for that tough assignment. You can listen to the episode using the player at the bottom of this post or wherever podcasts are available. Continue reading “Defending a Running Quarterback | Quick Clinic 225”

Coaching Football 101 | FBCP S07E17

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Simple Football Plays That Work | Quick Clinic 224

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Spread Formations in the Pistol Power Offense with Tim Snow | FBCP S07E16

Coach Tim Snow wasn’t thinking about spread formations when he first started studying the Pistol Power Offense System in 2015. That first version of the system looked a lot more like the traditional One Back Offense that I first learned from Coach Bill Mountjoy years ago.

But the great thing about the System is that it evolves. And as Coach Snow and the Winnisquam High School offense evolved in New Hampshire, so did their offensive playbook. The version of the playbook that won back to back New Hampshire State Championships in 2018 and 2019 uses a lot more wide open spread formations. But it keeps the same core principles and schemes. Continue reading “Spread Formations in the Pistol Power Offense with Tim Snow | FBCP S07E16”