PSSO S4E17 Run And Shoot 2.0 Has RPO’s! Hawaii Breakdown

The Run and Shoot is back in the age of RPO’s. Why one simple play can make such a huge difference.

This week’s podcast is about a new take on the Run and Shoot. Hawaii is back running and shooting and RPOing their spread offense to the island’s delight. With only a Sophomore Quarterback but immense potential, we could be seeing the beginning of a new offensive juggernaut. Continue reading “PSSO S4E17 Run And Shoot 2.0 Has RPO’s! Hawaii Breakdown”

QC 134 Linebacker Blitz Technique

Calling blitzes is easy. Coaching proper Linebacker Blitz Technique so that blitz is successful, is harder.

Defensive Coordinators love dialing up the perfect blitz. You hate seeing that perfect blitz run right past the ball carrier.

Today’s episode is a question by email about how to coach your proper Linebacker blitz technique so that your guys don’t run past the play or get destroyed by the blocking scheme. We’ll talk about blitzing on run downs vs. pass downs, and how the technique changes for each situation. Continue reading “QC 134 Linebacker Blitz Technique”

PSSO S4E16 Coaches Questions: Undersized Line and QB taking

What should you do with an undersize line and if all you have is a great QB, how should we change our offense. Most coaches would never think of this solution!

This week’s podcast is about your questions again. First I talk about what you can do when you just can’t run the ball inside. Hint: Find a way to run the ball inside! There’s a way and I talk about some ideas I have to make it happen. Continue reading “PSSO S4E16 Coaches Questions: Undersized Line and QB taking”

FBCP S03E14 Coaching Safety Reads & Keys

Coach Safety Reads that tell your force and alley players if it’s a run or a pass. And never have to change those reads again.

With the defensive philosophy that I subscribe to, the ‘umbrella’ is critical to the success of the defense. That means your Safety reads must be fast and accurate.

You can’t have a lot of confusion or hesitation. And you can’t give up long passes on play action because of a bad read. Continue reading “FBCP S03E14 Coaching Safety Reads & Keys”

QC 133 Pistol Diamond Play Calling

Pistol Diamond is a great formation to build your offensive playbook around. But how much do you need to have?

The Pistol Diamond formation can be a great power running formation with 3 backs in the backfield. You can base an entire offense out of one formation.

But how much is too much? Today’s JDFB Quick Clinic question comes from a coach who’s building his youth football playbook around Pistol Diamond. How can he get enough plays without confusing his players? Continue reading “QC 133 Pistol Diamond Play Calling”

TFP 63: How to Average 200 Yards Rushing with One Scheme

Are you struggling offensively? Has your QB gone down and you don’t know what to do? Do you want to be able to run the ball but have no idea how to do that?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of those questions then this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie is for you. Why? Because we are going to talk about how to use the Inside Zone Run Scheme to average over 200 yards rushing. Continue reading “TFP 63: How to Average 200 Yards Rushing with One Scheme”

PSSO S4E15 [Air Raid Update] Breaking Down Mike Leach and Beating Blitz Happy Teams

Want to know what Mike Leach’s Air Raid is doing this season? Check out this first series breakdown and find out.

This week’s podcast do one of my favorite things…learn from great coaches. Coach Leach and Washington State are going to be good again this year and fun to watch. In his first series alone I break down Y-Stick, Trips Bubble Screen, Man Run, Y Mesh and All Verts. So much fun stuff! Continue reading “PSSO S4E15 [Air Raid Update] Breaking Down Mike Leach and Beating Blitz Happy Teams”