Solving 5 Defensive Line Technique Problems | FBCP S07E14

Coaching defensive line technique for young players can be frustrating. There’s a world of bad habits and natural instincts you’ve got to break.

During Season 7 of The Football Coaching Podcast we’ve looked at how to use some of the core principles from JDFB Coaching Systems to solve problems. Those core principles include shows on coaching using ASKA and pulling levers for constant improvement. Continue reading “Solving 5 Defensive Line Technique Problems | FBCP S07E14”

Offensive Line Drills | QC Episode 220

Get the best Offensive Line Drills so you get the best performance out of your Offensive Linemen. Your practice time is too limited to run hundreds of different drills. What drills should actually run?

Over the past couple years, since turning to the 90 Minute Practice Plan, I’ve had to really examine just which Offensive Line drills were worth what little practice time we had to work. Continue reading “Offensive Line Drills | QC Episode 220”

33 Defense with Dan MacLean | FBCP S07 Episode 12

Detroit Country Day School put a dominate 33 Stack Defense on the field in 2019 under Head Football Coach Dan MacLean. But that’s nothing new. Coach MacLean has been doing this job for a long time, and doing it well.

The lengthy run in his current position started back in 1998. There’s been plenty of evolution on the way. Coach MacLean shares the learning experiences that have helped his team develop into a top contender every season. Not only have the X’s and O’s evolved over time. He’s also changed in the way he approaches his athletes. Continue reading “33 Defense with Dan MacLean | FBCP S07 Episode 12”

How Many Calls in Your Defensive Playbook? | FBCP S07 Episode 11

Time to put the finishing touches on that defensive playbook to get ready for the upcoming season. How much do you need in it?

The biggest problem many coordinators will run into this season is not going to be not having enough play calls. It’s going to be having a defensive playbook that is too big. And for no reason. Continue reading “How Many Calls in Your Defensive Playbook? | FBCP S07 Episode 11”