Coaching Quarterback Fakes with Dan Gonzalez | FBCP S05 Episode 17

If your Quarterback fakes can freeze the defense, your offense has the advantage on every snap. Here’s how to make it happen. 

Coach Dan Gonzalez has been working with Quarterbacks and the passing game for a long time. He’s a true expert on the subject. So I asked him to get on the phone and talk Quarterback ball handling for this week’s Football Coaching Podcast.  Continue reading “Coaching Quarterback Fakes with Dan Gonzalez | FBCP S05 Episode 17”

Staying Focused After Injuries | QC Episode 179

Injuries happen in football. It’s a part of our sport, or any sport. When a key player goes down during practice, how do you refocus your players to get back to work?

It’s a hard task. Kids are emotional and… well, kind of over dramatic sometimes. But when there’s a significant injury during practice, how do you get your guys to get that fire back? Continue reading “Staying Focused After Injuries | QC Episode 179”

Stacks in the 33 Stack Defense| FBCP S05 Episode 16

The 33 Stack Defense is one of my favorites. Fast. Aggressive. Attacking. Simple. The Stacks are a big part of that.

The 3-5-3 Defense, Georgia Military style, was the first defense I ever installed on my own. I’ve loved it ever since. Even when running other fronts as a base, the 3-3-5 Defense (or 5-3, or any combination of letters and numbers you want) has always been available as a change-up in our package.  Continue reading “Stacks in the 33 Stack Defense| FBCP S05 Episode 16”

Unbalanced Single Wing from The Pistol Power Offense | FBCP S05 Episode 15

The Unbalanced Single Wing is a great offense. What if we could use the concepts and formation with our existing System? 

A few years ago I sat down in a Glazier Clinic that Rick Darlington was presenting. Coach Darlington is a Single Wing guru from Florida and an incredibly entertaining speaker. I was just there to learn something I didn’t know and be entertained. Continue reading “Unbalanced Single Wing from The Pistol Power Offense | FBCP S05 Episode 15”

Most Important Position on Defense | QC Episode 177

What’s the most critical position on your defense? You need to invest your best coach on one specific group.

Are the force defenders the most important players on your defense? It seems like these are the guys that can really break your defense if they’re not getting the job done. Outside linebackers or safeties, whatever you call them – they’re critical. Continue reading “Most Important Position on Defense | QC Episode 177”

TFP 125: 3 Ways to Attack Man to Man

Do you have an opponent that runs straight man to man defense?

Are you worried how you are going to score against them?

Do you stay up at night because you don’t have a plan of attack?

Then you need to listen to this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie.

Because today we are talking about the 3 Ways to Attack Man to Man defenses.

You’ll learn from this episode:

  • The BEST way to attack Man to Man defense
  • Why you need to change your mindset
  • What makes Defensive Coordinators worry
  • Why you need to forget about 7 on 7 season.


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Using Pre-Practice in Your Practice Plans | FBCP S05 Episode 14

Pre-Practice periods can be extremely valuable in your football practice plans. But you need to use them right. 

[opt in Practice Plan Template from]

Pre-practice has been a huge difference maker for practice planning, but it only works when you use it right. That means educating yourself, the rest of the coaching staff and your players on the purpose and execution of the pre-practice periods.

This is a great place to get extra work. To steal practice time, without wearing down your players. Non-contact drills, reviewing and reinforcing foundational football skills. 

Check out this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast to learn all about how you can use Pre-Practice to make your football team better this season. 

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