Quarterbacks in the Run Game | QC Episode 214

What do you do when you’ve got a dangerous running Quarterback, but your offense isn’t geared to him? You adjust. 

Any Offensive System that is worth its salt is able to utilize the best athletes on the field. If that’s not the case, you don’t have a System. Because you’re going to have to completely change the offense for a special athlete one day. Continue reading “Quarterbacks in the Run Game | QC Episode 214”

Wide Receiver Drills | FBCP S07 Episode 05

Forget about fancy ball drills. This is what Wide Receivers really need to work on in your football practice.

No position group wastes more time working on things that don’t matter for their offensive attack than receivers. In this episode, we’re going to focus on what a Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win approach to Wide Receiver drills really looks like. Continue reading “Wide Receiver Drills | FBCP S07 Episode 05”