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Getting to the red zone is one thing, but your red zone efficiency determines how good your offense is. Nothing is more frustrating than turning the ball over on 4th down when you are knocking on the door.

Do not let your offense chew up yards between the 20s then stall out when it counts. This week’s JDFB Quick Clinic answers a listener question on Red Zone Efficiency.

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Have a Red Zone Efficiency Plan

What is your plan for the red zone? The dimensions of the field change. The defense changes. Your plan of attack needs to change, too.

The end zone is 10 yards deep. Assuming your red zone starts at the 20 yard line, there is only a 30 yard field to work with.

Defenses can play more man coverage now. They have less risk of getting beat deep. You may see more blitzes, too.

Adjust your play calling to attack the more aggressive defensive looks. A better plan will increase your red zone efficiency.

Change Your Look

If you run a 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense, you might not need to change anything. Playbooks that rely more on pushing the ball down the field benefit from a change.

In the Pistol Power Offense System, we use either a Single Wing or Power I formation for short yardage. They use the same blocking schemes as the base package. But the mentality changes.

Getting into a new look may force the defense out of their red zone plan, too. You can increase red zone efficiency when you make the defense shrink their playbook.

Practice Red Zone Efficiency

No matter what adjustments you make in your play calling, you need to practice this area of the field. Players need to know there is a difference in the red zone.

You may be practicing the same calls you would make in any other area of the field. Or working on a whole new section of the playbook.

To maximize red zone efficiency, put an emphasis on it. Insert a period or two in practice with the ball inside the 20 yard line. Make it clear that the urgency turns up down here.

Where to Go From Here

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