Coach Quarterbacks to Throw On Time | QC Episode 198

You’ve tried everything to get your Quarterbacks to throw the ball on time. But they still hold the ball too long!

If you think today’s Quick Clinic question is just about Quarterbacks, you couldn’t be more wrong. And it’s no different no matter what level you coach, or where you coach. 

This episode’s JDFB Quick Clinic question comes from a Quarterbacks Coach in England. He’s tried to get through to his QBs, but they just won’t throw the ball on time. They’re forever holding it and making the throws harder than they’d need to be if they were simply throwing with anticipation. 

There’s a solution for that. But it’s not a fancy or sexy solution. It’s the one you need though. So check out this episode to find out what the solution is! 

This question was sent in on Twitter. You can send in your questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic by messaging me on Twitter @footballinfo or sending an email to me at

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