Should You Really “Grind All the Time”? | QC Episode 175

If you want to get to the top of the profession, you’ve got to ‘grind all the time,’ right? Maybe that’s not the best way.

Great question and topic for this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic. One that I’m kind of passionate about. It’s the ridiculous #grindallthetime #nodaysoff stuff we see on Social Media all the time.

For a young coach trying to move up in the ranks, it might seem like the right way. Spend all your time in the office Outwork everyone. Climb the ladder.

This week’s questions comes from a new coach who wonders if he’s letting himself and his team down by not being the last one to leave the office every day. Check out the show to get my perspective on this ridiculous, old school mentality. 

This was a response to a listener question sent by email. You can send in your questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic by messaging me on Twitter @footballinfo or sending an email to me at