3-4 Defense Slant Technique for Down Blocks & Double Teams | QC Episode 170

How do you teach your 3-4 Defense slanting Defensive Linemen to handle a down block? Or a Double Team?

One of the biggest problems you’ll run into with slanting defensive linemen, is getting washed when you slant the direction they want to take you. Down blocks and zone blocks can be a special problem for 3-4 defense slanting linemen. 

We adjusted the technique. I’ve talked about this in two previous podcasts of late:

Today’s Quick Clinic question asks how you teach your players to handle two difficult situations – the down block, and the double team. I’ll break it down for you on this show. 

This was a response to a listener question sent on Twitter. You can send in your questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic by messaging me on Twitter @footballinfo or sending an email to me at joe@joedanielfootball.com.