Stop the Verts Switch in Cover 3 | QC Episode 156

There’s a lot of talk about how to stop the Verts concept in Cover 3. What about the Verts Switch?

You’ve got a plan for handling 4 Verts in your Cover 3 coverage. At least, if you’re committed to running Cover 3 you’ll have one. But what’s the plan for handling other concepts and tags that get 4 deep routes against your 3 deep coverage?

Verts Switch is one way to make that happen. The basic concept is that the #2 receiver rubs off underneath the #1 receiver on both sides. They exchange who runs the hash and the numbers.

So how do you handle that in your Cover 3 coverage? That’s the focus on this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic!

This was a response to a listener question sent on Twitter. You can send in your questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic by messaging me on Twitter @footballinfo or sending an email to me at