QC 137 Onside Kicks Every Time

What are the advantages of using the Onside Kick every time? I’m putting it to the test this season!

In general, I’m a pretty conservative coach. We don’t call a lot of blitzes on defense. Run a balanced offense. Nothing too exciting.

But after 3 weeks of miserable kick coverage, a change had to be made. Enter the onside kick. Not just once, either. Onside kick every time.

We studied Kevin Kelley’s DVD from CoachTube: Gaining Possessions Using the Onside Kick and then made the change after Week 3 (when we gave up one return for a TD, and nearly gave up another that might have cost us the game). This episode tells you all you need to know about making that change.

This show was an exception. Usually, JDFB Quick Clinic features listener questions. You can send in your questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic by messaging me on Twitter @footballinfo or sending an email to me at joe@joedanielfootball.com.