Motivating Athletes for Football | Quick Clinic 236

Do Your Players Want to Win?

It’s a big source of frustration for football coaches. Motivating athletes who seemingly don’t want to win. Or they don’t seem willing to work hard enough to achieve that goal, even if they do want it.

Football coaches need to take a step back and stop blaming athletes, parents, administration or society for this big time issue though. You are a football coach. You signed up for this job to coach. To find ways to win when it isn’t easy.

You will do that if YOU are motivated enough to win. In this week’s episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic it’s time to look at how coaches can take responsibility for motivating athletes and find a way to drive their success.

motivating athletes for football

The Mindset for Motivating Athletes

The old way doesn’t work any more. Show up on the field yelling and screaming at players to get the job done and you will probably coming up short.

The way to motivate your players today is to help them achieve, instead of trying to motivate athletes by pushing them to where you want them to go. Players need to know that the work they put in is going to work. They are not interested in trusting the process.

The Myth of Motivating Athletes

I recently read a book titled The Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden. It really put my view on motivation into words. The basic idea is that we are not motivated by big, huge goals. No one likes to grind.

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Most of us have it backwards when it comes to motivation. You are not motivated to achieve success. You are motivated by having that success.

That means finding success in little things. Athletes can stay motivated long when there are small successes along the way.

When your freshmen come in, they may all want to bench press 300lbs one day. What will motivate them to get there is the success of bench pressing 135lbs, then 145lbs, and so on. Eventually, those little bursts of motivation get them to a 300lb bench press (maybe, but that’s a lot of weight).

Where to Go From Here

Use the player at the top of this article to listen to Motivating Athletes for Football on this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic. I’ll go into all the details of how to keep your players motivated during a long season or a long off-season.

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