How Much Man Coverage? | Quick Clinic 232

Man Coverage Takes Work!

No matter how good your athletes are, playing a great man coverage package takes a lot of work. Just like any other coverage you’re going to have to put in a lot of time getting the technique just right.

And if you have great athletes running man coverage with poor technique, you might really be taking away from their ability. In this episode, we take a look at how much man coverage to run when you have a great set of Defensive Backs.

Coach the Coverage You Need

The very first consideration when you’re deciding how much man coverage you’ll be running is not the talent of the athletes. That comes further down the list.

The first factor to look at is who do you need to beat? If the top teams in your league are running the Wing-T Offense, Double Wing, Split Back Veer, Pro-I or some other run heavy attack, you’re probably best served focusing on Cover 3.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be running any man coverage at all. We’re just talking about base coverage. In fact, this narrows down one thing. You don’t need to base out of Quarters, a more complex zone coverage!

But if you’ve got some potent passing attacks on the schedule, especially spread passing offenses, you’ll want to take a good look at Quarters or Cover 1 Man Coverage.

Do You Know How To Teach Man Coverage?

Choosing between Quarters Coverage and Cover 1 coverage is a preference. One is not better than the other. When we’re talking about above average athletes (like we are in this episode), you just need to not slow them down.

The second key to think about after what your opponents are doing, is what your coaching staff can do. Do you have a secondary coach who already knows how to teach man coverage? Or will he need to learn the technique?

Learning is fine. It’s good. But if your guys are skilled professionals at Quarters Coverage, you might want to stick with what you know.

So… What Coverage Should I Run?

This episode answers a question sent in asking what coverage to run when you’ve got a stacked backfield. Check out the full episode using the player at the top to hear how you can come to the best decision.

The question for this episode was sent on Twitter. You can submit your questions by sending me a message on Twitter @footballinfo or email me at

The Next Step…

In this episode I talked about the three primary coverages we teach for all our defensive systems in JDFB Coaching Systems: Cover 3, Cover 1 man coverage, and split-field Quarters Coverage.

You can get instant access to all of these systems right now with a 7 Day Trial at

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