3 Huge Linebacker Stance Mistakes | Quick Clinic 231

Linebacker Stance Errors That Slow Your Defense Down

Coaching the linebacker stance for your defense seems like such a simple thing. Feet apart, squat down, eyes up, back flat… you know the basic coaching cues.

But I see a lot of coaches making just a handful of mistakes that really cost your defense. You may not even know it.

The cost of mistakes in stance isn’t as obvious as bad tackling or poor key reads. But the cost to fix these stance problems is cheap. You need to do it.

Simple Adjustments for Constant Improvement

Fixing these linebacker stance problems is all part of the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy.

Other coaches are installing a whole new defense in Week 5 because they’re not getting the big stops. You know better.

You’re pulling levers. Paying attention to the ASKA for each defender. Alignment, Stance, Key Reads and Assignment.

Good coaches are looking for the low hanging fruit first. It takes a lot of time to change the defense. Usually doesn’t go too well at first, either.

When you just need some simple stance adjustments to get 1% better on defense? That’s cheap. Low investment. Solid reward.

Changing Linebacker Stance for Faster Movement

These stance mistakes and adjustments are all about playing fast. Getting your players into a position where they can get to the point of attack faster.

The first lever I always pull with Inside Linebackers is alignment. Usually they end up getting too close to the ball.

Next, we move to the key reads. Linebacker reads are critical and usually coaches are using something much too complicated to get the fast results they want.

Finally, we can look at linebacker stance. The alignment is a cheap fix and so is the stance adjustment. There’s no reason not to work on this with your players.

Check out this episode to find out the top 3 linebacker stance mistakes I see all the time. You’ll also learn how to adjust those parts of the stance so that your defense plays faster.

Where To Go From Here…

Learn the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy of coaching defense right now. You can get access to all four of my complete defensive coaching systems for just $1 at https://join.joedanielfootball.com.

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