Half-Slide Pass Protection Adjustment | Quick Clinic 230

Does It Matter Where the Back Goes?

I’ve done a lot of experimenting with different schemes, but half-slide pass protection has been the primary protection scheme in the Pistol Power Offense for several years. It just makes sense with what we do.

That’s the critical key. It makes sense with what we do.

The protection scheme is intricately tied into the entire passing scheme. The check release by the back is critical to the Quarterback’s trigger reads.

It changes how the concept attacks a coverage. It’s the reason he can expect someone to be open.

But every passing system is different.

Half-Slide Protection with the Curl Concept from Trips

Can I Flip Half-Slide Pass Protection?

The question for this week’s JDFB Quick Clinic is on Half-Slide Pass Protection. It actually came from the comments section on an old post on the scheme.

It was brought up again to me on Twitter last week. My answer has changed as my understanding of the entire system has changed.

I used to view the pass protection scheme as a separate entity. You run the pass concept. You protect the Quarterback. Two separate things.

But that’s not the case. Not in The Pistol Power Offense System, anyway. In this system, the passing game is its own system. It all connects.

Sure, you can flip it. It just won’t work the same.

The question this week is about flipping side the back is going to out of a Trips formation though, and that’s different.

Half-Slide Pass Protection from a 3 by 1 Formation

The answer is that you can do it. It works. Well, sort of.

It’s a little sloppy. We really don’t throw much of the base package out of 3 by 1 formations for this reason.

In the episode I explain the curl concept. When I draw it out, it looks even sloppier. The Y is only checking for the Strong Safety to blitz off the edge.

The check-release by the R works out. Except that you could absolutely overload the weak side. From a 2 by 2 set, we can just check the protection the other way, but it doesn’t work here.

Do we ever do it? Sure. But it is not part of the base package. More for game planning to break a coverage.

Where to Go From Here…

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