New Playbook Isn’t Working? Try This. | FBCP S07E22

An entire off-season down the drain… or not?

Any time you decide to install a new playbook for your football team, you could run into trouble. It takes time to teach the skills your players need. It takes time for the coaches to understand how to teach those skills, too.

The knee jerk reaction when your team isn’t firing on all cylinders in the first few weeks of the season is to panic. Go back to what you were doing before. But that’s not the answer.

This week’s Football Coaching Podcast looks at how to make in-season adjustments when your brand new plan of attack isn’t working like you expected. This is how to get your team back on track with the changes you need to make to reach a whole new level of success.

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It’s not as bad as it seems.

One think you can believe in for sure. It is never as bad as it seems. It’s never as good as it seems, either. But that’s a different podcast.

The first step to righting the ship is to identify just what is working for your football team using the new playbook. Whether it’s offense, defense or special teams, you need to focus on the positive.

Finding the successes you’re having is important because you need to rebuild the confidence in your playbook with your players. And your coaching staff. Chances are that almost everyone was excited about the changes back when you started implementing them in the off-season. Now that it’s not an instant hit, that confidence is souring.

Focus on the success your team has had. Make adjustments to feature that success. Then start solving problems.

Find the one thing that will make you better.

After you identify the success, you need to start digging into the failures. The short comings. What is it that you need to see out on the field on game day, that you are not seeing right now?

When you identify the single most important adjustment, your team is heading in the right direction. It might be for the whole team, or one position group. Maybe just one player. Look for that low hanging fruit that you can solve quickly to start seeing improvement.

Where to go from here…

Listen to this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast using the player at the top of this article to start formulating a plan for success with your new playbook. Because falling back on the old playbook isn’t a solution. You needed to change it for a reason!

Do you want to learn more about the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy that’s applied in this episode? It’s the foundation of all of our coaching systems at JDFB and can be applied to any football playbook out there. Start your trial subscription right now:

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