High School Football Coaching Jobs | FBCP S09E02

How do you get a high school football coaching job? Season 9 of The Football Coaching Podcast is 20 Questions. It is the 20 (plus 2) most asked football coaching questions I have heard over the last 10 years from our listeners and clients.

We’re taking a look at what it takes to be a high school football coach. Do you have what it takes? And if you do, how do you get high school football coaching jobs? Finally I’ll share some critical tips for working your way up the coaching ladder.

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What Does It Take to Be a High School Football Coach?

  • Requirements to coach include your time to invest, commitment to kids, and patience. Being a high school football coach is really not about game day.
  • It helps to be a teacher if you want to coach high school. To be a college football coach, you usually need connections.
  • You need to be humble. Every male in America thinks he can coach football. You will start at the bottom.

Paths to High School Football Coaching Jobs

  • For High School, teaching is the fastest path to a good coaching job. In some areas it is required, but not in most places.
  • If you want to be a youth football coach, you likely just need to volunteer for the local organization. Most teams need responsible adults.
  • Getting into college football coaching is extremely difficult without connections. My position at Ellsworth College in 2009 had over 100 applicants in 24 hours. And that was a long time ago.
  • If you are not a teacher and you want a high school football coaching job, you need to be willing to volunteer. Do not expect to get paid. Honestly, you should not be coaching for the money. There is none. Drive an Uber.
  • Expect to start out with the Freshman or Junior Varsity team.

Climbing the High School Football Coaching Jobs Ladder

  • The best coaching advice for promotions is to always be where you are. Get off Football Scoop and other job boards.
  • Do not chase bad promotions. A better title in a worse situation can be a big setback for your career. It may even drive you out of coaching.
  • Always be preparing for the next level up. Position coaches need to be involved in game planning. Coordinators should get involved in administrative jobs. Each high school football coaching job goes far beyond the last one. X’s and O’s are only part of being prepared for a promotion.
  • Ask your Head Coach for a title, just for your resume. Make sure you have a great resume. Apply and try to get interview experience even for high school football coaching jobs you might not have a shot at getting.
  • DO NOT work for a coach who blocks your path for advancement. They do not care about you and probably do not care about the players. Be up front and honest with your Head Coach about your plans and desires.

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