Cure Boring Practice With Fun Football Drills | FBCP S09E18

Coaches are always trying to find ways to spice up practice, like running fun football drills. Little things that make practice more like a game.

Wait a minute. We have to come up with cute ways to make football practice seem like a game?

There’s a problem here.

This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast looks at how to cure boring football practices. Fun football drills to spice things up, why that is insane, and how to make your players enjoy practice time so they come back for more.

It’s all in this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast!

Photo by football wife from Pexels

Simple Ways To Take Away Football Practice Boredom

  • Shorten your practices. This is the number one way to cure boredom in football practices. If the kids are bored, you are likely wasting a lot of time.
  • Cut down on the number of kids standing around. At any time. If you see kids standing around, start thinking of ways they could be doing something.
  • Make everything fast, but make everything important. Teach on the fly. Don’t stop to give a clinic on the field. But always have input.

Why Most Fun Football Drills Are Insane

  • Football is a game. If you want to run fun football drills, run fun parts of the game.
  • If your kids are not having fun at practice, the issue is you. Not the game. Fun football drills will not fix it. The game of football is fun by itself.
  • Your players do not lack focus. They want to win. They want to be good at football. They play football because it is fun. Do not waste their time with fun football drills for the sake of fun.

Fun Football Drills That Aren’t Insane

  • The best fun football drills are playing the game of football. It is that simple. Remember that this is a game. Coach the little things, but do not go overboard. Enjoy it.
  • Make sure your drills always have an application to the game. If you want to have fun you can play red rover. It will not help your team get better at football though. Requiring your players to waste time doing something that will not help them win games does not cure boredom.
  • Gamification of any aspect of the sport helps make the practice a little more ‘fun’, if needed. This means putting something on the line. Add a few little rules and make it a competition. This is a marketing strategy, and it works.

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