5 Steps to Evaluate Football Plays | FBCP S08E00

A Process for Fixing Your Football Plays

The season kicks off and that call you’ve been working on for 6 months just is not working. Run plays, passing concepts, blitzes, stunts or coverages. Whatever it is… it’s not working.

This is the 5 step process to evaluate that football play call before you just kick it to the curb. You’re always smarter in February than you are in September and October (or whenever your season happens this year!), so let’s figure out what the problem is!

Football plays that just are not working

What’s the Purpose For This Call?

The first step in your 5 step play call evaluation is to make sure you know the purpose of a play call. Why did you put it in the playbook to begin with?

The evaluation of your base run play is very different from evaluating a constraint play. The measure of success for your base defense may be a far cry from an exotic blitz you like for shutting down the Wing-T Offense.

So get started by hashing out the purpose behind this call. What situations did you install this football play for? Why do you need it?

Establishing that purpose is going to be critical in your evaluation. If you don’t know what you put this football play in for, you don’t know if it is working or not!

Evaluate The Good, Bad and Ugly

Now it’s time to start evaluating. And this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast will walk you through the complete 5 step evaluation for any football play call.

We’ll take a look at how to figure out if the call is actually a failure, or if this football play is having some unseen success. Look at situations, evaluate the performance of individual athletes, and get down to the micro-level on your evaluation.

Then you can decide how to fix it. Because chances are, when you use this 5 step evaluation on your football play call, you’re going to realize it’s not all bad. You were not a total idiot 6 months ago, you just need to make some adjustments.

Then you can start pulling levers to improve the play! Keep at it, and keep coming back to this evaluation method. One day, this might be the football play that wins you a championship.

Where To Go From Here…

This 5 step evaluation method is built on the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win coaching philosophy that all of our coaching systems at Joe Daniel Football are built on. Ready to build your playbook on that philosophy?

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