Football Coaching Staff Organization | FBCP S09E11

With the season approaching, you need to figure out how you want to organize your football coaching staff. Who is going to coach which positions? Where is each coaching going to be most valuable to your athletes?

Putting the right coaches in the right places is just as important as putting the right players in the right positions. This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast dives into getting the most out of your football coaching staff this season.

Photo by Doug Kerr on / CC BY-SA 2.0

Who Is Your Football Coaching Staff?

  • Identify all of your coaches. Know their strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with the staff about where they fit, too.
  • Don’t just plug everyone in where they ‘fit’ best on the staff. Try to find places where each coach can grow and flourish.
  • Once you put coaches into positions, give them boundaries. Then let them coach.

Identify What Your Team Needs.

  • How many positions do you have on offense, defense and special teams? Create an Organization Chart for your football coaching staff.
  • Some spots on the chart may be filled by multiple coaches. Or one coach might fill many spots on the chart.
  • Every coach is important on your staff. Every player is important on your football team. But some positions have a bigger impact and some players have a bigger impact. Be honest.

Football Coaching Staff On Game Day

  • Every single coach needs a job to do on game day. No one should be on the sidelines to be a cheerleader. You already have those.
  • Be specific in the tasks that need to get done. Once you assign a task to a coach, they should be focused on that. Coaches should not get involved in doing the jobs of other coaches unless it was explained ahead of time.
  • Turn your football coaching staff into a System on Game Day. Just like your offense or defense. Each coach has a role to play that works in tandem with the other pieces. If one part of the machine is not doing its job, everything breaks down.

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