Solving 5 Defensive Line Technique Problems | FBCP S07E14

Coaching defensive line technique for young players can be frustrating. There’s a world of bad habits and natural instincts you’ve got to break.

During Season 7 of The Football Coaching Podcast we’ve looked at how to use some of the core principles from JDFB Coaching Systems to solve problems. Those core principles include shows on coaching using ASKA and pulling levers for constant improvement.

Now it’s time to apply those concepts to defensive line technique and solve those problems we see all the time with young defensive linemen learning the position.

Photo by Nottingham Trent University on / CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Top 5 Defensive Line Technique Issues

Football is a complicated game. With JDFB I’m always working to simplify it for coaches. That will simplify the game for players. We’re focusing on 5 big technique issues that Defensive Linemen at the High School level often have.

  1. Staying Low: Every defensive line coach knows this one. We’re constantly screaming about pad level. Low man wins! There’s some critical levers to pull with your ASKA to solve this one. Honestly, if you can fix this problem your defensive line is going to be significantly better regardless of what else you manage to improve.
  2. Eyes in the Backfield: You know that look. When you’ve got a defensive lineman trying to look over the shoulder of his blocker. That’s not a good thing. Let’s fix that technique issue too.
  3. Getting Trap Blocked: Seems simple. Don’t get up the field. But the levers you need to pull to solve that problem are a lot more complex. Kind of like telling a wide receiver to just CATCH THE BALL! We’ll pull the levers to solve this defensive line technique problem.
  4. Staying Blocked: The ability to get off blocks is critical for defensive linemen. They need to use active hands to get off the block. We’ll look at some drills and coaching cues to make this happen.
  5. Losing Quarterback Contain: It’s not the top-of-mind issue for coaches. But this is a defensive line killer. Losing contain on an athletic quarterback when you have great coverage is a disaster. It often extends the drive for an otherwise sputtering offense. Find out how to solve this issue when you listen to the podcast.

Constant Improvement

Using the ASKA principle and the Levers method gets constant improvement for your defensive line technique. Follow the concepts that I’ll talk about in this episode and apply them to any position on your football team if you want to keep getting better all season long.

This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast uses critical elements of JDFB Coaching Systems. You don’t need to run every front, every coverage that we teach to get the most out of our systems. They are a framework for your football team to maximize the performance of your football players.

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