Cover 6 Defense | FBCP S08E07

Use a Cover 6 Defense to Stop 3 by 1

Cover 6 Defense is more widely known as Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage.  It is primarily used as an adjustment to trips formations and it’s going to be the subject of our deep dive in this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast.

The Cover 6 Defense is a combination coverage between Cover 4 and Cover 2.  There are many ways to run Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage.  It largely depends on what your base coverage is and we’ll be breaking that down.

Cover 6 Defense with a 3-4 Defense front
Cover 6 Defense or Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage against Trips Formations

Playing Cover 6 Defense

The basics of Cover 6 Defense involve sliding the free safety over to the three-receiver side to play one deep quarter. The corner on the trips side plays another deep quarter.

On the single receiver side, one defender plays the deep half.  Depending on whether you’re a base Cover 3 or a base Cover 2/Quarters team, it’s going to change how you play the single receiver side.

If you’re a Cover 2 team, you can use a corner force to play outside leverage of the single receiver. That helps to take away the isolated receiver.

For teams that play more Cover 3, the corner can play the deep half zone. Use your weak side force player to strengthen the coverage against the 4 verticals threat.

Attack Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage

As we always do on the deep dive, we finish by looking at how you can attack Cover 6 Defense.  Find out how to use 4 verts against a Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage look. We also show how you can run the ball against Quarter-Quarter-Half teams out of your 3×1 formations.

There will be a lot of great tips for you on both sides of the ball in this episode so be sure to download and listen to this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast.

Where to Go From Here

If you want to learn more about the Cover 6 Defense and the Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverage that we’ve talked about in this episode or you want to learn more about how to attack Quarter-Quarter-Half Coverages out of the 3×1 formation, it’s time to check out JDFB Coaching Systems.

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