Best Football Defense | FBCP S09E19

What is the best football defense for my team to run? I hear that question a lot. But there’s no easy answer.

In Season 9 of The Football Coaching Podcast we’re answering the most common questions I’ve heard over the last decade. And this question about the best football defense is one of the most popular.

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Check out this episode for a look into some of the biggest myths and misunderstandings about defensive football. After listening, you’ll be ready to push ahead coaching your defense with confidence.

Photo by Chris Chow on Unsplash

Every Defense Is The Best Football Defense

  • All of the popular defensive structures work. Do not let anyone tell you differently. Odd or Even, 8 man or 7 man front. Defense is not that simple, or that complicated.
  • Every defense can be tweaked to defend against any offensive attack. From week to week, a good coach can always have the ‘best football defense’.
  • The obsession with numbers and position names at the High School or Youth level is ridiculous. You are going to put the best 11 defenders on the field. This is not the NFL.

Build Your Defense On Principles

  • Stop thinking about defense in terms of numbers. You should be able to change up the number of defensive linemen or linebackers from season to season. Or even game to game. That does not change your defense.
  • Have specific rules or principles that make your defense the best football defense. They never change, unless you find a better way and replace it with a new principle.
  • We teach the Umbrella Principle, Levers Principle, and the ASKA Principle. Everything is built around the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy. These do not change, no matter what type of front you run or how aggressive you want to be with play calling.

Choosing The Best Football Defense For Your Team

  • Once you have your foundational principles, you can decide on how to align your top 11 defenders to be the best football defense.
  • You need to consider your personnel. Certain defenses require certain types of personnel in order to be the best.
  • You should also think about yourself as the defensive play caller. What do you like to call? What do you believe in the most? Nothing matters more than getting your players to believe in a system. If you do not believe in it, it will probably fail.

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