The 5 Day Playbook Install Plan | FBCP S09E12

The Coach Simple plan uses the 5-Day playbook install to get your system taught quickly.

All of the systems inside JDFB Coaching Systems use a version of this principle. The 5-day playbook install plan gets your base playbook installed in just one week of practice.

The plan is to have enough installed so that you could play a game or scrimmage. You might not have everything, but you have enough.

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Part 1: The 5-Day Playbook Install Plan

  • For coaches using a Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy the 5-Day Install is another check to avoid playbook bloat.
  • Make sure that you do not overload your players by putting in too much, too fast. They will feel a little overwhelmed, but it is expected and you’ll get through it.
  • The plan also keeps you moving along through your playbook install, instead of getting bogged down on minutiae.

Part 2: Building Your 5-Day Install Schedule

  • Break your install schedule down into a chart with your 5 days across the top and each position group along the side.
  • Work backwards. Figure out just what you need to have for that first scrimmage or game day.
  • Start plugging in the pieces. Try to keep new install to one new thing per day for each position group.

Part 3: Executing the 5-Day Playbook Install

  • Once you have your 5-Day Playbook Install chart completed, you can start plugging this into your practice plans.
  • Every day, the team has a goal for installation. Each position group also has their focus for what needs to be installed. Build the practice plan around that focus.
  • Do not waste time on drills that are not directly related to your install. If you run a drill during Indy that does not get used later in practice, it is a waste of time.

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