3-4 Defense Base Blitz Package | FBCP S04 Episode 12

Here’s the basic 3-4 Defense blitz package to get your defense attacking. And how to use it.

When you’re running a 3-4 Defense most coaches want to bring at least one linebacker on most snaps. It’s easy to do, but there’s a lot to consider besides just sending a guy here and there.

The entire defense has to work together. The defensive line slant, the blitz call, the coverage – they all need to work as a cohesive unit. Not paying attention to each part could break your defense.

In a previous episode, we looked at the foundations of the 3-4 Defense System (you can also download a free PDF for adjusting alignments on your 3-4 Defense there). This episode looks at your base play calling using your 3-4 Defense blitz package.