33 Defense with Dan MacLean | FBCP S07 Episode 12

Detroit Country Day School put a dominate 33 Stack Defense on the field in 2019 under Head Football Coach Dan MacLean. But that’s nothing new. Coach MacLean has been doing this job for a long time, and doing it well.

The lengthy run in his current position started back in 1998. There’s been plenty of evolution on the way. Coach MacLean shares the learning experiences that have helped his team develop into a top contender every season. Not only have the X’s and O’s evolved over time. He’s also changed in the way he approaches his athletes.

The Most Important Keys to Winning

Coach MacLean is a long time member of JDFB Insider. You know that means we’re going to be talking about simplicity. Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win. Keep it simple, so your kids can play fast. Because fast kids win football games. And the 33 Stack Defense fits that bill perfectly.

We also talk about what makes a really successful season. It’s not necessarily measured in wins and losses or winning a championship. The 2019 Detroit Country Day School football team showed growth in character. They over-achieved on the field. Found leadership. Find out how you can make that happen with your own football team when Coach MacLean shares his story.

Calling the 33 Stack Defense

The 33 Stack Defense gets a bad reputation as the perfect defense for the mad scientist who wants to blitz all over the place. Well, the DCDS defense actually does a lot of that blitzing. So we’ll talk about how your team can use those blitzes to be more effective.

There’s a certain type of coach who likes the 33 Stack Defense. Coach MacLean fits that mold. Hear us talk about creating defensive fronts. You don’t have to install that flavor-of-the-week package. Or use your blitzes to attack weaknesses in the offense. You’ll find out how to use all those blitzes for good instead of evil

There’s a ton of creativity available to you if you’re a 33 Stack Defense coach. We’re going to share that with you in this podcast. How to use your best athletes. How to hide physical limitations of your athletes. If you’re running the Odd Stack or thinking about running it, this podcast is a must listen.

Developing Football Coaches

There’s even more from Coach MacLean’s coaching experience. It doesn’t matter if you run the 33 Stack Defense or not. He shares the most important characteristics for his own assistant coaches that you can use if you’re looking for a new position. We’ll also talk about how he’s evolved to work better with the new brand of athlete over his time in the coaching business.

For coaches that enjoy this show, you can contact Coach MacLean at dmaclean@dcds.edu.

Sit down, take notes, and learn from Detroit Country Day School Head Football Coach Dan MacLean on this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast!