Double Wing Offense with Jerry Vallotton | FBCP S06 Episode 16

The Double Wing Offense is one of the most feared and brutal offensive attacks in football. Learn it or lose to it!

Years ago, I wanted to learn the Double Wing Offense and turned to the Internet for resources. After all, you can’t just visit your local college to learn this stuff. 

I found an amazing resource to learn from. That was Coach Jerry Vallotton’s “The Toss” book, available at Easily the best resource I found then, and still great. 

This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast is your chance to learn the Double Wing Offense from Coach Val! Check it out as we talk about the philosophy behind the offense, the base play series, and the details of coaching The Toss, Coach Val’s Super Power play.

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The Smash Mouth Alumni Facebook Group started by Coach Vallotton