3-4 Defense Zone Blitz Package | FBCP S04 Episode 17

When it’s time to make a big play, this 3-4 Defense Zone Blitz Package is there for you.

The 3-4 Defense System that I teach in JDFB Insider offers a ton of flexibility, so you’ll want to use it. But you need to know how to use it.

In this podcast, you find out how to use your 3-4 Defense Zone Blitz Package effectively. How and when to call your Single Edge Pressures, Interior Pressures, and Double Edge Pressures.

This is an advanced stage for your 3-4 Defense System, so make sure you review the podcasts on the base fronts and base blitz package below.

You can also run all of these 5 man pressures with a Cover 1 coverage, instead of the 3 under / 3 deep Zone Blitz coverage we discuss in the podcast.

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