Top 5 Football Teams to Watch with Ron Mckie | FBCP S05 Episode 11

There’s football teams from the past we still love to watch. For many reasons. Here’s our Top 5 Teams to Watch from the past.

Football coaches all have a little ‘football junkie’ in us. That desire to watch a game with the DVR remote so we can go back and watch a play again. Or pull games from the past up to watch our favorite offense or defense from the past.

Ron Mckie joins me on The Football Coaching Podcast to talk about our Top 5 Favorite Teams to Watch. When we go to YouTube, who’s the team to pull up? 

This was a great episode. We both chose teams for a number of reasons. And we’d love to hear your favorites – just send a message to us on Twitter @footballinfo and @CoachMckieJr with your own personal list! 

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