Stacks in the 33 Stack Defense| FBCP S05 Episode 16

The 33 Stack Defense is one of my favorites. Fast. Aggressive. Attacking. Simple. The Stacks are a big part of that.

The 3-5-3 Defense, Georgia Military style, was the first defense I ever installed on my own. I’ve loved it ever since. Even when running other fronts as a base, the 3-3-5 Defense (or 5-3, or any combination of letters and numbers you want) has always been available as a change-up in our package. 

This episode of The Football Coaching Podcast breaks down the feature that makes the defense unique. The stacks. It’s a great look at the concepts that are central to our 33 Stack Defensive System at Joe Daniel Football, and what you should look out for as a stack defense coach. Check it out!

Show Links

Podcast breakdown of the 2008 Georgia Military College 3-5-3 Defense Playbook (there’s also a link to download the playbook there)