Unbalanced Single Wing from The Pistol Power Offense | FBCP S05 Episode 15

The Unbalanced Single Wing is a great offense. What if we could use the concepts and formation with our existing System? 

A few years ago I sat down in a Glazier Clinic that Rick Darlington was presenting. Coach Darlington is a Single Wing guru from Florida and an incredibly entertaining speaker. I was just there to learn something I didn’t know and be entertained.

What I got was a lot more than that. It sparked a few ideas. I realized that the plays being run in the base package (which does NOT involve any ‘Spinner’ plays) were straight out of our Pistol Power Offense System.

Not long after that, I was adapting the Unbalanced Single Wing formation to the Pistol Power Offense System. That became the centerpiece of our very successful short yardage and 2-point conversion package. 

In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’m sharing how that System was created with you. Plus you can download the Unbalanced Single Wing in the Pistol Power Offense play sheet up by entering your email up above here.

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